Why you'll love Ethiopia

There are countless reasons why we believe you should be heading to Ethiopia for your next big adventure. A country that once flew under the radar of even the most intrepid travellers, in recent years Ethiopia has fast become one of the world's most exciting travel destinations. Whether it's your first trip to Africa, or the continent is already completely under your skin - Ethiopia is utterly unique and there is no doubt you'll be completely blown away with this beautiful country's history, scenery, wildlife and welcoming people.

Visit Ethiopia - The land of origins

Ethiopia is an ancient land full of remarkable natural contrasts - vast fertile highlands, lush forests, dramatic lakes, rivers and waterfalls including the Blue Nile, and the hottest, driest place on earth in Dallol. Within its borders, you'll find tiny settlements inhabited by some of Africa's most diverse tribal people in the remote Omo Valley, Islam's fourth holiest Islamic city, and towns bursting with African hustle, medieval churches carved from rocks, ruins of castles and temples dating back thousands of years.