Why you'll love Ethiopia

There are countless reasons why Ethiopia should be at the top of your next holiday destination wish list. A country that once flew under the radar of even the most intrepid travellers, over the past two decades Ethiopia has experienced phenomenal growth and progress whilst maintaining its utterly unique identity, style of food, life, music, culture, geography and language.

The land beyond your imagination

Unbelievably huge, Ethiopia is a land full of natural contrasts with fertile highlands, lush forests, dramatic lakes, rivers and waterfalls including the Blue Nile, and the hottest, driest place on earth in Dallol. There are tiny remote villages in the Omo Valley, inhabited by some of the world’s remaining indigenous people, to vibrant cities bursting with African hustle. A kaleidoscope of different cultures and epic landscapes, you’ll sometimes feel that you are in a few different countries in one.