Rondreis Addis Ababa - Addis Ababa On Foot

Highlights of the day trip

During this individual tour you will explore the historical North & Cultural South of Ethiopia.

Itinerary for the day

The starting point of our walking tour is Mount Entoto - a historical site with spectacular views of the sprawling city. At Mount Entoto we learn about the Emperor Menelik II and his wife Empress Taitu who founded Addis Ababa and we take a visit to their palace which remains standing today. From here we walk down to the hot springs (now situated around the old city centre of Piazza) which the Empress would famously visit for healing treatments, particularly during the rainy season. Due to the difficulty of traveling up and down the mountain, Menelik II and Taitu eventually decided to found Addis Ababa around the hot springs. The name Addis Ababa was chosen because of the indigenous flower called Adey Ababa, which pops up every September. (Addis Ababa, means new flower).

Other highlights of the Addis Ababa city tour can include:

  • The National Postal Museum, located on Churchill road which holds the national stamp collection, also the one from Menelik II in 1894

  • FineFine hot springs

  • Taitu Hotel in Piazza

  • Tomoca coffee house

  • The National Theatre

  • La Gare Train Station

  • Unity Park

  • Trinity Museum

  • National Museum

*Tell us which activities would suit your wishes best and we will combine all your favorite spots during this trip!

Covid-19 safety measures during this trip

This trip is recommended by Yared Tour as a covid-19 safe travel experience in Ethiopia. This means that different aspects of the trip have been carefully considered in terms of physical distancing and hygiene standards. Ethiopia is a vast country and the rural areas in particular are sparsely populated.

During this trip you can expect:

  • Face masks provided for travellers

  • Careful selection of accommodation providers with high hygiene standards

  • Driver/guide trained in health and safety, first aid and covid-19 protocols

  • Vehicles regularly sanitized

  • Social distancing encouraged throughout the trip

  • Hand sanitiser provided for travellers and driver/guides

  • Temperature checks for travellers upon start of tour

Please read our Covid-19 Measures page for all up-to-date information about covid-19 in Ethiopia.