Review Margaux - Addis Ababa walking tour

Addis Ababa, the vibrant capital of Ethiopia, offers a multitude of captivating attractions and a rich historical heritage waiting to be explored. Recently, I had the opportunity to embark on the Addis city tour, and I must say, it was an incredibly interesting and enjoyable experience that allowed me to truly immerse myself in the city's culture and history.

Excelent guide

One of the key factors that made this tour exceptional was our knowledgeable and friendly guide. With an impressive grasp of every aspect of the city, the guide effortlessly navigated us through the streets, answering all our questions and providing fascinating insights. Their passion for Addis Ababa's history was evident, enhancing the tour's educational value.

My highlight

For me, the highlight of the tour was the visit to the ethnographic museum, nestled within the Addis Ababa University. Stepping inside, I was transported back in time as I delved into the lives and traditions of the Ethiopian people. From witnessing the ways of life that prevailed in the past to exploring the diverse cultures that define Ethiopia, the museum offered an eye-opening experience that left a lasting impression.

On foot

What truly set this city tour apart was the opportunity to explore most of Addis Ababa on foot. Walking through the bustling streets allowed me to connect with the city in a unique way. I could observe the daily lives of the locals, take in the vibrant atmosphere, and appreciate the architectural gems that adorned the cityscape.

Culture & history

In addition to the ethnographic museum, the tour encompassed several other notable landmarks, including historic buildings, religious sites, and bustling markets. Each stop revealed a different facet of Addis Ababa's history, leaving me with a deep appreciation for the city's evolution and cultural diversity.


To sum it up, the Addis city tour was an extraordinary journey into the heart of Ethiopia's capital. From the knowledgeable guide to the immersive experience of exploring the city on foot, every aspect of the tour contributed to an unforgettable adventure. If you find yourself in Addis Ababa, I highly recommend embarking on this tour to uncover the hidden treasures and fascinating history that this city holds.