Coffee in West
The green lung of Ethiopia

The term coffee is said to derive from Kaffa, the ancient name from part of the present day Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' State where Bonga lies. The story goes that sometime around the 6th century in forests near Bonga, a goat herder named Kaldi spotted his animals getting frisky after eating red berries from a shrub he'd never seen before. So Kaldi gave the berries a try himself and the coffee bean was discovered.

The origin of coffee

Bonga is a name rarely encountered when visiting Ethiopia, if at all, but it deserves to be more well-known: it's said to be the very birthplace of Arabica coffee. Despite its caffeinated claim, the multibillion-dollar global industry that has grown up around coffee has passed Bonga by. Today, this little town hidden away deep in southwestern Ethiopia sits quietly in unspoiled subtropical cloud forests brimming with coffee trees, wild honey, natural wonders and wildlife.

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Coffee Tours & Trips

We organise coffee tours and trips of up to 10 days. These tours bring you to the origin of coffee. They take you to the Mother Coffee Tree in the coffee forest of Kaffa region in southwest Ethiopia. This is the place where Kaldi the goat herder discovered coffee. Ethiopian culture and traditions is very strongly related with coffee. During the journey you will touch upon all aspects of the Ethiopian coffee journey and the myths surrounding it. Honey and spices are also crucial to the Ethiopian coffee process and you will learn more about these ingredients during your visit to Ethiopia. Check-out our coffee tours or ask us for a customized coffee tour, we are happy to share our experience about coffee in Ethiopia.