Simien Mountains
The Rooftop of Africa

This rugged gem is not to be missed on a trip to Northern Ethiopia. The Simien Mountains - with their extreme peaks and valleys - are an ideal place for the hiker, nature lover or birdwatcher. An ideal stopover for 1 or multiple days!

About the Simien Mountains

One of the first established national parks in Ethiopia (1969). The park used to be one of the largest volcano’s in the word. Located in the dramatic highlands of the Amhara region, sitting largely above 3000m high - with Ras Dashen towering in at 4533m, the Simien Mountains are the Roof of Africa. the Simien Mountains are a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. Despite the rugged harshness and high altitude, the mountains are full of vibrant life; thousands of plant species and endemic wildlife inhabit the park and have been under UNESCO protection since 1978. Some of the famous floral residents include; the special gelada monkey, the Walia ibex, the Ethiopian wolf, antelopes, jackals, bushbucks, large cats such as leopards, and more than 180 bird species.

Trekking options in the Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountains is ideal for a multiple day trekking; ; from just a few hours to longer guided trekking excursions up to 11 days, depending on how much you want to hike in nature and how much you like camping. One of our favourites is a 6-day trekking expedition in the Simien Mountains to Ras Dashen - the highest mountain in Ethiopia and the tenth highest mountain on the continent. The trek brings you from Gondar to Sankaber – the starting point of the trek – and via Geech, Chennek and Amiko you finally reach Ras Dashen. During the trip you can stay in trekkers huts, but tents are more advisable. Check out our Simien Mountains itinerary now!