Rondreis Addis Ababa - Family Trip Omo Valley

Highlights Ethiopia South

During this individual tour you will explore the historical South.

Day 1 - Jinka: the Ari tribe

Our next stop is Jinka, a fast-developing market town set in a cradle of green hills above Mago National Park which gives the area a cooler climate compared to the rest of the Lower Omo Valley. Upon arrival in Jinka you will organise everything in the hotel first. After that, we will visit the Ari Tribe.

The Ari tribe represent the largest population among all groups of the Omo Valley, living around Jinka. Ari are the farmers and one of the most advanced tribes of the valley. They grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, coffee and herbs like cardamom. Visit some farmers houses and experience daily life, like injera cooking or the black smith’s work. From Jinka, we may alternatively visit the Mursi tribe, an ethnic group living around west of Jinka.

If time allows, we will visit the museum in Jinka which pays tribute to the ethnic diversity of the Omo Valley. Often you will find antropologists working on their research in and around Jinka!

Day 2- Day Trip Dimeka

Today you make a day trip to Dimeka. The largest city for the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia. On Tuesdays and Saturdays Hamar come from afar to attend the market. Not only is it a place of social contact, but it is a place of social contact where you provide everyone with daily necessities, fruits, clothes or utensils. A special place!

Around Dimeka you visit a Hamar or Arbore village and get acquainted with the traditional traditions of a pastoral society. Drink a "bunno", the traditional coffee made from the chaff of coffee beans, together with the head of the village, and experience traditional tribal life.

Day 3 & 4 - Drive to Unesco Konso

On day 3 we will drive from Turmi to Konso. The Konso are a resourceful, efficient, charming, careful, and hard-working people. They have always fiercely defended their territory. This is evident in the fact that each village is walled . They are famous for their wooden anthropomorph statuettes, erected in honor of important - deceased - people. In the Konso language these statuettes are called Waga. You’ll have a chance to walk around the fortress like villages (‘kantas’) with their uniquely designed stone-walled walkways, thatched huts and terraced farms.

Konso is also known for its natural phenomenon "New York" - interesting pinnacles of red earth, reminiscent of city skyscrapers with a legendary tale. On day 4 you will drive from Konso to Arba Minch. Time to relax at the pool in the afternoon!

Day 5 – Nech Sar & Dorze tribe

During today’s action-packed excursion, we visit the nearby scenic Nech Sar National Park . From the park’s edge, we take a motorboat on the lake to see hundreds of huge Nile crocodiles bathing in the sun and hippos bobbing in and out of the water. There are also many pelicans and other birds around the lake.

In the afternoon, we drive into the Gamo highlands outside of Arba Minch, to visit an extraordinary mountain community called Dorze. The traditional way of life of the Dorze people is fascinating. The friendly local community invite you into their beautiful villages to view their huts artfully woven from bamboo and thatched with leaves, which look like huge beehives or upturned baskets, followed by visits to the weaving, pottery and tanning cooperatives. You will also enjoy the breath-taking views of the lakes in the valley.

Day 6 - Relax and flight to Addis Ababa

Today we head back to Addis Ababa by plane. You could shop or make a single final visit in the capital in the afternoon. Or you take a rest in your dayroom in Addis Ababa. You'll be picked up and dropped at the airport.

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Covid-19 safety measures during this trip

This trip is recommended by Yared Tour as a covid-19 safe travel experience in Ethiopia. This means that different aspects of the trip have been carefully considered in terms of physical distancing and hygiene standards. Ethiopia is a vast country and the rural areas in particular are sparsely populated.

During this trip you can expect:

  • Face masks provided for travellers

  • Careful selection of accommodation providers with high hygiene standards

  • Driver/guide trained in health and safety, first aid and covid-19 protocols

  • Vehicles regularly sanitized

  • Social distancing encouraged throughout the trip

  • Hand sanitiser provided for travellers and driver/guides

  • Temperature checks for travellers upon start of tour

Please read our Covid-19 Measures page for all up-to-date information about covid-19 in Ethiopia.